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Islamic Scholars are listed by the city of their location. However you can sort them by Name, Expertise, Institution or Zip Code. Every attempt has been made to provide the latest available information on the scholars. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data or endorse the scholars. Please contact us at if you would like to change any information. Please click "Recommend a scholar" if you like to nominate any scholar not mentioned here. "N/A' denotes that the data is not available or the scholar declined to provide that information.

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Name Expertise Institution City Zip Code Email
Beaumont, Paul Islamic Banking and Finance Florida State University Tallahassee 32306
Gaiser, Adam History of Islam Florida State University Tallahassee 32306
Schlenoff, Zeina Arab women writers Florida State University Tallahassee 32306
Kelsay, John Islamic and Christian ... Florida State University Tallahassee 32306
Emon, Anver Islamic Law University of Toronto Toronto M5S 2C5
Virani, Shafique Shi'ism (Twelver and ... University of Toronto Toronto, ON M5R 2M8
Al-Hibri, Azizah Muslim women’s rights University of Richmond University of Richmond 23173
Brockopp, Jonathan Islamic Law in the formative ... Penn State University University Park 16802
Ghamari-Tabrizi, Behrooz Iranian Revolution-Islam and ... University of Illinois Urbana 61801
Hoffman, Valerie Sufism in modern Egypt, Ibadi ... University of Illinois Urbana 61801
Rana, Junaid South Asian Diaspora ... University of Illinois Urbana 61801
Saul, Mahir Islam in Africa University of Illinois Urbana 06181
Khalil, Mohammad Islamic thought (theology, ... University of Illinois Urbana 61801
Rippin, Andrew Islamic civilization University of Victoria Victoria V8W 3P4
Lumbard, Joseph Classical Islam Brandeis University Waltham 02454
Rubin, Lawrence Arab Politics Brandeis University Waltham 02454
Habibi, Nadar Middle Eastern political ... Brandeis University Waltham 02454
Brown, Nathan Politics of the Middle East, George Washington University Washington 20052
Dallal, Ahmad Islamic intellectual history, ... Georgetown University Washington 20007
Sonbol, Amira Islamic history and law Georgetown University Washington 20057
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