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Islamic Scholars are listed by the city of their location. However you can sort them by Name, Expertise, Institution or Zip Code. Every attempt has been made to provide the latest available information on the scholars. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data or endorse the scholars. Please contact us at if you would like to change any information. Please click "Recommend a scholar" if you like to nominate any scholar not mentioned here. "N/A' denotes that the data is not available or the scholar declined to provide that information.

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Name Expertise Institution City Zip Code Email
Aly, Hassan Middle East Economics Ohio State University Marion 43302
Warde, Ibrahim Islamic Banking Tufts Medford 02155
Hallaq, Wael Islamic Law & Modernity McGill University Montreal H3A 1Y1
Clarke, Lynda Modern Shiism Concordia University Montréal H3G 1M8
McGregor, Richard Mystical traditions Vanderbilty University Nashville 37235
Halevi, Leor Trade between Muslims and ... Vanderbilt University Nashville 37203
Gutas, Dimitri Intellectual tradition in ... Yale University New Haven 06520
Griffel, Frank Islamic theology, Islamic ... Yale University New Haven 06520
Bowering, Gerhard Classical Islam Yale University New Haven 06520
Goelet, Ogden Egyptologist NYU New York 10012
Ben-Dor Benite, Zvi Chinese Muslim History NYU New York 10012
Rowson, Everett Medieval Islam NYU New York 10012
Peirce, Leslie Ottoman empire NYU New York 10012
Khorrami, Mohammad Mehdi Persian Literature NYU New York 10012
Mikhail, Mona Arabic Fictional Literature NYU New York 10012
Khan, Muqtedar Political Islam, Islam in ... University of Delaware Newark, 19716
Saadi, Abdul Syriac and Arabic manuscripts University of Notre Dame Notre Dame 46556
Guo, Li Medieval Arabic popular ... University of Notre Dame Notre Dame 46556
altintas, fatma Hadith Erciyes University-Turkey NY 11223 N/A
Rajaee, Farhang Islam and Civilization, ... Carleton University Ottavwa K1S 5B6
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