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Islamic Scholars are listed by their institution. However you can sort them by their Name, Expertise, City or Zip Code. Every attempt has been made to provide the latest available information on the scholars. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data or endorse the scholars. Please contact us at if you would like to change any information. Please click "Recommend a scholar" if you like to nominate any scholar not mentioned here. "N/A' denotes that the data is not available or the scholar declined to provide that information.

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Name Expertise Institution City Zip Code Email
Haddad, Yvonne Twentieth-century Islam Georgetown University Washington 20057
Esposito, John Islam, Politics and Global ... Georgetown University Washington 20057
Voll, John Islamic movements and world ... Georgetown University Washington 20057
Brown, Jonathan Islamic Studies and Muslim ... Georgetown University Washington 20057
Farina, Marianne Islamic Philosophy and ... Graduate Theological Union - ... Berkeley 94708
Jiwa, Munir Islam/Muslims in America Graduate Theological Union - ... Berkeley 94709
Blackburn, Rev. Steven Arabic, Islam, Hebrew ... Hartford Seminary Hartford 06105
Michot, Yahya Islamic theology and ... Hartford Seminary Hartford 06105
Mattson, Ingrid Islamic Law Hartford Seminary Hartford 06105
Ayoub, Mahmoud Islamic thought and history Hartford Seminary Hartford 06105
Asani, Ali Muslim literatures of India, ... Harvard University Cambridge 02138
Mottahedeh, Roy History of the Islamic Middle ... Harvard University Cambridge 02138
Ahmed, Shahab Islamic intellectual history Harvard University Cambridge 02138
Graham, William Early Islamic religious ... Harvard University Cambridge 02138
Heinrichs, Wolfhart Classical Arabic literature ... Harvard University Cambridge 02138
El-Rouayheb, Khaled History of Arabic logic Harvard University Cambridge 02138
Ahmed, Leila Women in Islam Harvard University Cambridge 02138
Varisco, Daniel Islamism, Anthropology of ... Hofstra Hempstead, 11549
Shahrani, Nazif Islamic movements in Central ... Indiana University Bloomington 47405
Altoma, Salih Modern Arabic literature Indiana University Bloomington 47405
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