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Islamic Scholars are listed by the zip of their location. However you can sort them by their Name, Expertise, Institution or City. Every attempt has been made to provide the latest available information on the scholars. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data or endorse the scholars. Please contact us at if you would like to change any information. Please click "Recommend a scholar" if you like to nominate any scholar not mentioned here. "N/A' denotes that the data is not available or the scholar declined to provide that information.

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Name Expertise Institution City Zip Code Email
Goelet, Ogden Egyptologist NYU New York 10012
Ben-Dor Benite, Zvi Chinese Muslim History NYU New York 10012
Rowson, Everett Medieval Islam NYU New York 10012
Peirce, Leslie Ottoman empire NYU New York 10012
Khorrami, Mohammad Mehdi Persian Literature NYU New York 10012
Mikhail, Mona Arabic Fictional Literature NYU New York 10012
Gerges, Fawaz Islam and the political ... Sarah Lawrence College Bronxville 10708
altintas, fatma Hadith Erciyes University-Turkey NY 11223 N/A
Wahiba, Abu-Rass Health and Mental health ... Adelphi University Garden City 11530
Varisco, Daniel Islamism, Anthropology of ... Hofstra Hempstead, 11549
Ternikar, Farha American Muslim Women Le Moyne College Syracuse 13214 
Peshkova, Svetlana Post-Soviet Muslim communities University of New Hampshire Durham 13244
Kassam, Tazim Gender Syracuse University Syracuse 13244
Bashiriyeh, Hossein Political Sociology of the ... Syracuse University Syracuse 13244
Homerin, T. Emil Islam University of Rochester Rochester 14627
Brann, Ross Judeo-Islamic relations Cornell University Ithaca 14850
Toorawa, Shawkat Medieval Arabic literature ... Cornell University Ithaca 14850
Powers, David Islamic History and Law Cornell University Ithaca 14850
Barazangi, Nimat Muslim Women Cornell University Ithaca 14853
el Samahy, Rami Architecture and Urban Design Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh 15213
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