Islamic Scholars Initiative:

Islamic Scholars at North American Universities and other Educational Institutions have in-depth knowledge of Muslim Americans, Islam, Muslim countries and their cultures. They are the most underutilized resource in the public discourse on these issues.

According to The Chicago Council on Global Affairs' task force report titled "Strengthening America: The Civic and Political Integration of Muslim Americans" published in June 2007.

Undertaking a wide range of efforts to further public understanding

"Demystifying Islam for the general public will require greater initiatives by many different Muslim American groups and other American organizations, working separately and in partnership."

We have partnered with Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles to develop a comprehensive database of Islamic Scholars in North America. A panel of scholars which includes Professor Amir Hussain from LMU, Professor Marcia Hermansen from Loyola, Chicago, Professor Ebrahim Moosa from Duke University and Professor Liakat Takim from the University of Denver serve as advisors to this initiative. Most of these scholars are Professors at major universities in USA and Canada who come from all faiths but in some cases have spent their lifetime studying Muslims and Islam and can provide a diverse and critical perspective that is so important in the 21st century. The database includes experts in Islamic art, Muslim culture, political and religious environment in Muslim countries as well as any other issues related to Islam and Muslims.

This easy-to-use, free resource is designed for various audiences, including local media, non-profits, for-profit corporations as well as community groups and educational institutions who are interested in learning about and understanding Muslims, Islam and Muslim countries. They may utilize this information and invite some of the scholars into their discussions.

The information on Islamic Scholars is available by their name, expertise, institution, city and the zip code. Every attempt has been made to provide the latest available information on the scholars. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data, nor do we endorse any of the scholars. We encourage you to recommend any Islamic scholars not listed here.

Please click here to access the Islamic Scholar's database.